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  • Plastic machinery market more popular

          Plastics Machinery plastic industrial development is an important pillar of its plastics industry to provide a more advanced technology and equipment, it is the development of plastic the foundation for industrial development, and by the plastic industry development.From a global perspective, plastics machinery varieties from injection molding machinery, extruder / extrusion blow molding production line and the three-component products, which accounted for plastics machinery output value of 80% or more, and injection machines, which accounted for three types of machinery more than half of the total. 

          Injection molding machine loathe the old <br> injection molding machine as in previous years of rapid development, in addition to the mainframe, the general specifications of injection molding machine has been oversupply, but some of the high-tech injection molding machine, the market demand is gradually stronger. The following are the main models : 

          First, all electric, hydraulic injection molding machine precision category. These products market is the flagship of electronic communications, audio, video, home appliances, automobiles, etc., require a higher processing conditions, the precision injection molding machine demand has been upgraded, and these industries are sunrise industries have much room for development. 
          Two injection molding machine is hollow.This is due to plastic parts in a state of vibration stress damage is the car the whole plastination, and some other projects on the application of the most difficult, and many use a combination of rubber and plastics material with hollow injection technology, which can effectively improve deficiencies. 
         There is assisted with air, water assistive devices a new injection molding machine.This new injection molding machine is a huge market, especially for the appearance of higher, and longer service life of products, such as home appliances, automobiles, construction more attractive. 

          Extruder cheap extruder market due to the continuous application of market expansion and technological breakthroughs, on the whole, but also to maintain the momentum rose, but domestic market extruder prices fell sharply difficult to avoid, and crudely price war has affected the domestic plastic machines and the overall image market competitiveness, and also hindered the plastics processing industry development.The last two years, only Germany Klaus Mafei this one company to provide China with over 100 production line profile, plastic windows and pipe industry is most powerful enterprises seeking to import equipment, and this is the failure of domestic manufacturers. 

          Extruder mainframe and production lines will be the future of the market with high technological content and lower prices for direction. Domestic mainframe now basically conical twin-screw extruder and single-screw extruder based, technology is more mature, the largest sales market, but these products have a common specification for the oversupply, the market can maintain peak of 50% to 60%. Mainframe focus on the future development of different parallel to the twin-screw extruder, extruder applicable to large volume of extrusion molding. Parallel to the same twin-screw extruder to the sixth generation, the seventh generation high-speed, large aspect ratio direction. Single-screw extruder development direction is large diameter, aspect ratio, exhaust smoothly. In fact, the single-screw extruder is a low-power, low-cost models, as long as the technology properly, it can basically reach twin-screw extruder of effectiveness, as the United States now use plastic extrusion machines on most of the single screw, and because of a high level of technology, replacing the twin-screw extruder. 

          Blow Molding Machine catch up from behind <br> Blow equipment prices low (about one-third of the injection-half), low power consumption (injection, the mold cavity pressure of 15 ~ 140MPa, and blow molding parison when the wind generally lower than the inflation pressure Fax), adaptable (to be forming Guitar complex structure, the double-wall component), which make up for the injection form of inadequate processing, forming the industrial component with a high degree of integrity, integrated performance and high added value, lower costs. Therefore, although the blow molding machinery in the three plastic machines share of the minimum, but will maintain its strong momentum of development, is the fastest growing, and have the potential for development models. 

          Plastic Auxiliary awarded Deere <br> mixing machines, shredders, feeding machine, heater and other ancillary equipment is plastic production line an important part of a direct impact on the production quality and production efficiency, the current domestic manufacturers overwhelming, but varieties of the same basic specifications within the scope of technology, on difficult for aircraft to contend with imports, and most imports of plastic production line has been allocated to introduce the above auxiliary, and also allows the sales to reduce part and auxiliary domestic market competition was fierce. The capacity of the market and the number of enterprises do not match, it is bound to cause this situation.Products such direction is the recent development with AMD smash (nano-materials industries in preparation), vacuum filtration, large low-noise, high-speed smash capabilities. 

          China's plastic industry long-term plan, from 2000 to 2005, plastic products, the average annual growth rate of about 10%, between 2006 and 2015 the average annual growth rate of 8%, that is, in 2005 the output of plastic products will reach 25 million tons, is expected in 2015 to double the output of plastic products reach 50 million tons. 

          The plastics processing industry is a good development prospects will remain China's plastic machinery manufacturing industries rapid development is the driving force that is expected from 2010 to 2020, China's demand for plastics machinery at an annual rate of about 6% is expected for 2020 to 14.5 billion.That is to say, China Plastic Machine industry has huge development potential, with their great potential, in particular some high scientific and technological content, good performance and relatively modest price models, such as large, sophisticated, dedicated injection machine, low-temperature, high-power single-screw extruder, for the production of high resistance permeability and heat resistance packing materials, such as multi-layer coextrusion blow molding machines, production of industrial component (auto parts) blow molding machinery, which have good prospects for development.