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  • Servo motor Injection Molding Machine Launched

    Nowadays due to the increasing price of raw material, economic crisis and global warming, more and more customers pay great attention to low cost and environmental protection. As a responsible plastic machines manufacturer, GS is always in her position to provide our customers with correct guides on how to select and operate machines, so as to assist them to attain better economic benefit. On the scene of this, today we launched our servo motor control energy saving series after 5years of testing and rechecking 

    This new series is equipped with self-developed AC servo motor and two-stage piston pump, which have attained domestic patents. This system not only has the power saving advantage as all-electric machine, but also has better control precision, mechanical properties and longer serving life

    This new series machine can save 50%-80% power enerty compared with conventional fixed pump injection machine. The following are the main features of servo motor series:
          1. Fast response time (30ms-130ms) increasing efficiency and high stability
          2. Reliable and precise operation  
          3. Power saving and water consumption saving, realize energy saving and reduce running cost
          4. Digital Control enables easy operation
          5. Low oil temperature
          6. Low noise

    At present, GS machine is widely used in different kinds of plastic industry, especially in electronic parts, household appliances, automobile interiors parts, and medical industry. Our clients are among magnates of those industries, such as Midea, which is the top household electrical appliance company. We are all together creating profits for our clients and making contribution on environment protection            (Ms Cao, R&D Centre)